event.28They say that being a bridesmaid is more fun than being the bride. Having been both a bridesmaid and bride, I can attest to that. I think it’s because a bridesmaid has less stress leading up to the party compared to the bride. A bridesmaid can enjoy the party without having to worry about the wedding preparations, guest list, seating arrangements, etc. The bride has to plan, run around, cajole and sometimes argue her way into getting the wedding she wants. And on top of that, she has to hold it together because she is in the spotlight on her wedding day. We do it to ourselves really. As little girls, we dream of meeting a handsome prince one day and having a fairytale wedding with the works. So we grow up, meet our prince and take on the stresses of attempting to plan a fairytale wedding ourselves. In the end, we end up more like the cranky wicked witch than the beautiful sweet princess. Yet, much of the stress can be alleviated if we knew what services to hire and what style of wedding we want, whether accommodation is required for guests and in what season the wedding will be held. Once we determine that, we can choose the type of wedding venue that is most suitable. The range of wedding venues include garden, waterview, winery, chapel, function centers, hotel, restaurant, golf club, historic or cruise.

As many of us only marry once, our wedding day is probably one of the most important days of our lives. Wouldn’t it be great to preserve that day and relive it over and over with our loved ones long after the decorations are taken down and long after the wedding dress has turned yellow from age? That is when a professional wedding photographer and wedding videographer would come in handy. They not only take care of your wedding photography and videography needs, but can tailor it to match your ideas and tastes. For instance, a wedding photographer can capture images and produce it in a style of your choice, be it candid, photojournalistic, stylized or quirky. A wedding videographer can make your wedding day look like a movie by recording the moving images and sound of the day’s activities, from the morning preparations to the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception; capturing the laughter, smiles, tears, speeches and conversations of the day.

Being stressed out by wedding preparations is no way to start a marriage. Let the experts, such as the wedding caterers, wedding photographers and wedding videographers do what they are good at. Tell them what you want and sit back (or let your hair down) and enjoy the day knowing that the memories will be professional preserved for you. A happy and relaxed bride will have a better chance of looking like the beautiful sweet princess on her wedding day.