Costume makeup can really make or break a Halloween costume because it takes the standard Halloween costume and turns it in to a top quality Halloween character. For example, with a little bit of costume makeup and the right tutorial you can turn yourself into the Joker or Edward Scissorhands, two Halloween costumes that will really turn heads at any party. The thing with costume makeup is it can be quite expensive because it has the power to turn the sub-standard into the brilliant and this is bound to cost money. The other problem with costume makeup is that it comes in small quantities and you generally need a load of costume makeup to cover your face and get the ‘proper’ look.

But hang on a minute, don’t you see tens of people at Halloween parties whose faces are covered in costume makeup? If all these can afford it then how much should be paying for costume makeup? This is the main thing with costume makeup – it costs depending on the look you are going for. Why is this? Mainly because some characters have a very detailed look which requires a lot of costume makeup and others have a very simple look that doesn’t need as much costume makeup. If you are worried about how much your Halloween costume is going to cost here are a few costume makeup characters and the general price of recreating them.

The Joker
The Joker may look complicated but the look is actually very simple, easy and most important of all cheap to recreate. All the costume makeup in Sydney you need some pale foundation or white face paint, black eye shadow and red lipstick for the lips and the scars around the face and you can easily get The Joker look for Halloween. The best thing about these costume makeup items is that you don’t need to go to a costume store as they are widely available throughout stores such as Boots and Debenhams so they should only cost you a couple of pounds each.

The Corpse Bride
The Corpse Bride, a Tim Burton creation, is a lot more expensive and time consuming to exact the look and this Halloween costume is at the other end of the scale when it comes to price. Although the look is quite simple you need tonnes of costume makeup because The Corpse Bride is covered from head to shoulders in blue face paint and this won’t be cheap, not to mention the hair colour and face makeup to define the look.

Davy Jones
The scoundrel who scours the seas with his undead crew while his heart is safely locked in a box on a beach somewhere is bound to be difficult and expensive to create. You will need a tonne of green face paint for the face and the shoulders and upper body as well as some fake sea creatures, like a star fish, all topped off with a couple of ingrown barnacles.