Well, there is no doubt that Book Week is regarded as one of the most awaited reading festivals in Australia for children. This enthusiastic festival for kids has been here since 1945 and is mostly held in the month of August.
On this day, the book week costumes for teachers is a special event which is held in schools and together with this book reading, dress ups and discussion about different kinds of books, tales and stories take place.
In the occasion book week costumes for teachers, teaching experts need to get dressed and adorned in fancy outfits and costumes which children can relate to book characters. There is no doubt that this is a fun juncture for both the teachers as well as the students and dressing up for teachers gets exciting and fun time. In this book festival, teachers dress up like a literary character and it is time for children to discover and have a beautiful journey through the breathtaking world of books. In fact this is one of the best of ways to introduce children to few of the most exciting and interesting children’s literature classics.
Let us go through few ideas which teachers can dress up as in the upcoming Book Week:
Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers:
When this book is discussed about, there are many people who think straight about the movie ‘Mary Poppins’. Teachers will look classing while getting dressed as the pedantic British nanny and when we actually saw the movie by Disney all that we felt was that the character and the costume came out right from the book. The blue button-up jacket together with the knee-length skirt, the flower-printed handbag and the black hat there is something quite interesting about this character and children will never get tired of Mary Poppins’ be it in movies or while reading a book.
Big Bad Wolf from Red Riding Hood:
Teachers need to be extremely cautious and careful when it comes to selecting characters for the Book Week so that it does not end up terrifying children. However when it comes to the Big Bad Wolf who is eventually dressed in those granny nightgowns, seems to be quite hilarious than daunting! On can head for a wolf mask, faux-fur cuffs and tail attached, and there it is all set. It is always a delight for children of every age group to watch the Bad Wolf.
Raggedy Anne and Andy presented to you by Johnny Gruelle
Teachers will end up earning a lot of brownie points from their students if they plan to get dressed as Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy. These are dearly loved characters which encouraged the dolls which children have loved playing with for generations. They are also easily accessible in costumes or several sizes.