When you are given the responsibility to choose an event location, this can be very daunting it you cannot find the perfect place to fit the requirement. It is a very important step during your planning process which should not be kept for the last-minute cause you will definitely get into trouble. If you do not know how you can shortlist the locations you come across, then this guide will help you navigate through the city to find the right place.

Here are the important factors that need to be considered when selecting an event venue:

The guests – The target audience or the guests that will be invited should be considered as a priority. For example, you need to have a ball park figure of the number that will be attending the corporate function and find a few corporate function venues to be shortlisted that can accommodate this number. If the function is only by invite, ask the invitees to RSVP or follow up with a call so that you can shift to a more suitable room if the need arises.

Catering to the guests – Based on the demographics of the individuals who will be attending, it is important to ensure that you are catering to the exact demographics.

Convenience – It is not about the convenience of the organizers but the convenience of the guests that should be considered. For example, if you want to have a little reception for a christening ceremony, then you should ensure to find a few christening reception venues Melbourne that are very close to the proximity of the church. When it comes to corporate events, factors such as transportation and alcohol needs to be considered carefully because you do not want to promote drink and driving.

Weather – Do not choose an outdoor place if you know that the weather is not going to be in the favor of the event.

Experience – The experience of the venue staff is very important in order to serve the guests. You can ask photographs from the managers of each place so that you can discuss with the team and finally decide of the venue you prefer. You will also be at ease if you know that the staff at the location will do all the decorations on your behalf which included floral arrangements.

Parking – Parking is an important factor when selecting a event venue. You would not want the guests to complain about parking.

The hiring cost – You should ensure that all the taxes and other facilities are included in the cost to hire the venue. You would not want to pay for each thing separately and then go over the budget.

Now it’s time to go hunting for an event location.